About us

Thoughtfully hand-built, Thank You Have A Good Day is a genuine, tactile articulation of what we love; an intimate space filled with considered and cohesive collections of objects we don't want to live without, including,
but not limited to:

Things our friends make
Things our friends friends make
Things stumbled upon
Things sought after
Happy accidents/grand experiments


Aquarian, animal lover, music nerd. Quiet smile/loud laugh.
Elegant tomboy. Unapologetic collector. Perpetual shopgirl. 
Stylist and consultant with over 20 years experience in the industry working with private clients as well as much loved and respected labels such as Céline,  Isabel Marant, Mayle, Marni, Rick Owens and others.


Full time Creative Director, part-time builder. From Typography major to Graphic
Designer/Head of Type/Art Director/Creative Director
in advertising agencies in the UK to 15 years in NZ as a Sculptor and Creative Director in music tech
and now collaborator/partner in crime/jack of all trades for Thank You Have A Good Day.