About us

Thoughtfully hand-built, Thank You Have A Good Day is a genuine, tactile articulation of what we love; an intimate space filled with considered and cohesive collections of objects we don't want to live without, including, but not limited to:

Things our friends make
Things our friends friends make
Things stumbled upon
Things sought after
Happy accidents/grand experiments

Aquarian, animal lover, music nerd. Quiet smile/loud laugh. Unapologetic collector. Stylist with over 20 years experience in the industry. Perpetual shopgirl.



Full time Creative Director, part-time builder. From Typography major to Graphic Designer/Head of Type/Art Director/Creative Director in advertising agencies in the UK to 15 years in NZ as a Sculptor and Creative Director in music tech and now collaborator/partner in crime/jack of all trades for Thank You Have A Good Day.